Zambell´s Creme Caramel (Orange Roan)

SUCH Westerner Bar Lion (Blue Roan)

 Love Cox´s Blue Berry Hill (blue Roan)

 Lynwater Summer Sun (orange roan)

 Love Cox's Loveable Frost (vit svart)

 Lynwater Forest Flower (Blue Roan and tan)

 Quasar Zodiak (blue roan)

 Lynwater Wallflower (blue roan)

Zambell´s Little Blue Cleo (Blue Roan)

SUCH Westerner Still of The Night (blue roan)

 Lynwater Look Me Up (blue roan)

Westerner Rose For Lady Blue (blue roan)

Zvenskens Zamantha Brown (liver roan)

Tomboys Another Chocolate (liver roan)

 Zvenskens Caisa Kalaspingla (blue roan)